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It's not easy being a benefit claimant!

Published: 17th November, 2014.

Bob had a difficult time trying to explain to his friends what it was like trying to get sense out of a Jobcentre employee.  

Employees at Jim's local Jobcentre had a tough time trying to explain to him why he had been sanctioned.  

Mrs Coldtart, a senior figure at the DWP, tried to explain to a disabled man why she had to stop his disability benefit - so that she could afford to buy herself a new fur coat.  

Mrs Coldtart's daughter, Sybil, showing single mothers that having a child to care for should not stop them from seeking work. Simply bring your child to work with you!  

The Workless & Skiver Working Men's Club was a safe haven for the unemployed. But the fact that it's members were accused of spending more time there, rather than looking for work, made it a target for the Government's new Minister for War against the Chronically Unemployable. An air strike was ordered to flatten the premises and to send a message to the unemployed that not working was not an option - even in an area with zero job vacancies.  

When the naive Miriam was offered a workfare placement working with exotic pets, she wondered why nobody else wanted the job. After accepting the placement, rather than be sanctioned, she discovered that the 152 previous workfare employees had disappeared in mysterious circumstances.  

Life on the Al Capone council estate in Northern England is tough. Children have to learn how to cope with a life totally dependent on State handouts when their unemployed parents are sent on 'character building' training courses in troubled Middle Eastern countries.  


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